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Totebag Loose yourself green with Sticker

Product number: 2057

Organic Canvas Tote Bag and Sticker Screen-printed

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Design: New, autobiographical Eyeshox design, created after the tragic death of our first son in spring. The statement is one of my absolute favorite songs by Daft Punk (big up!) and is philosophy and attitude to live. It is important for us to find ourselves in a state of dancing, in oneself and in a state close to meditation, and to enjoy this state with other dancers. This is comparable with Ancient tribal dances...

Fabric: Good and LONG LASTING Cotton Bag (dimensions: 36 x 40 cm, 170 gsm, 100% GOTS CERTIFIED ORGANIC COTTON ), with approx. 65cm long and wide handles. Also suitable for 15 or maximum up to 20 12inch records. The STICKER is approx. 10 x 10cm, black colour hand screen-printed on a hologram foil. ATTENTION: The eggshell foil is indetfligeable, super suitable to label e.g. your property. Print: Absolute durable, waterbased, GOTS certified ink, best quality screenprint, handmade in Dresden.