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Tshirt Beat Seeker Burgundy

Product number: 2124

Organic Tshirt Unisex Screen-printed

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BEATSEEKER is one of the new designs of my current utilly syndicate project . At Utilly we produce high-quality, sustainable textiles regionally and with individual, expressive and urban designs. We work with artists from different genres. The BEATSEEKER was created with Capstan Design from Leipzig, who liked our project straight away. If you like utilly, then register for the newsletter at www (dot) utilly (dot) de .

Our unisex tshirt is made of light 100% organic cotton. To make 1 tshirt, 91% less water (391 L less!) is used than to make a conventional tshirt. In addition, organic cotton is grown on a rotational basis. By avoiding toxic pesticides and synthetic fertilizers, the fertility of the soil is promoted and biodiversity is preserved. Max is 1.70 m tall and wears the L.

How to measure: Take a Tshirt that fits how your new
one should be and lay it flat. Then 
measure with a tape measure or 
folding rule as shown in the drawing, that you find in the article pics. The screen printing was done with GOTS certified screen printing inks in Berlin.

The APPROVED VEGAN, awarded by the world's largest animal rights organization, ensures that no animal products are involved in the manufacture of the textile. With the independent OCD (Organic Content Standard) seal, the manufacturer guarantees the purity of the organic cotton used. The materials used are traceable in all stages of production. The RCS (Recycled Claim Standard) is a standard for tracing recycled raw materials in the supply chain and is used to independently check the information provided by manufacturers on the content of recycled material in products. The STANDARD 100 from OEKO-TEX® is a globally uniform testing and certification system for textile raw materials, intermediate and end products in all stages of production.